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Get Your Home Workout Done With A Wreck Bag
Even if you’re in self-isolating, mandated isolation, or just practicing social distancing, the Wreck Bag makes it possible to get your workouts in and stay on track. If you’re still looking for at-home workouts you can do during the COVID-19 quarantine (because you haven’t downloaded our currently FREE travel bundle yet), look no further. If that’s you – […]
RACE RECAP: Stadium Blitz
    Submitted by Bethany D. You may have heard about a new OCR series making the rounds: Stadium Blitz.  We did the one at ASU this past weekend, and it deserves a race review. The Premise: The Stadium Blitz is a 5k OCR, held in college stadiums across the USA, with 15 obstacles at […]
Written by: Eddie (Find him on IG: @eddieaz_ocr). We have been using Nuun now since about 2017, which is right around the time I started to get into Obstacle Course Racing and transitioning to more of an endurance athlete.  In 2019, Bethany and I both became Nuun ambassadors.  I was never a big fan of […]
Tips To Maximize Your Warm-Up And Cool Down
Hello, OCR Community!! Last time we wrote, it was about “Why a Proper Warm-Up and Cool Down Matter.” This time, we are going to dive a little deeper into doing a proper warm-up and cool down. WHY TIME MANAGEMENT FOR A WARM-UP AND COOL DOWN IS KEY: Most importantly, actually doing and planning your warm-up […]
Two Reasons To Do A Warm-Up and Cool Down
WHAT’S THE POINT OF WARMING UP OR COOLING DOWN? We see it all the time.  People just getting up and running without so much as a single hamstring scoop.  Eek!  Maybe it’s because they just don’t want to, or know how to.  Either way, we thought it’d be important to hit upon this topic. So…. […]