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Make Your Recovery Day Work For You
How to make recovery days work for you: We all know recovery is an incredibly important protocol in all training and programming modalities. A major theme amongst athletes is: how can I make my recovery days work for me? Your body knows exactly when it needs to recover and/or rest. The best part is that […]
PRODUCT REVIEW: Honey Stinger Review Submitted by: Bethany D As a brand ambassador for Honey Stinger, it’s important to tell the world what I love about their products, how I use them, and how they work when you’re trying to make sure you’re fueled properly enough to go the distance. It’s also important to point […]
PRODUCT REVIEW: UltrAspire Handheld IsoPocket 3.0
Product Review: UltrAspire Handheld IsoPocket 3.0 Submitted by: Eddie D. REASONS I BOUGHT THIS PRODUCT: As OCR Racers, we all know too well the amount of training and time on trails spent in order to make your next obstacle course race that much easier.  Whether it’s training to eliminate a set of burpees or training […]
Staying Active During COVID-19 As An OCR Racer
We’re a few months in to this whole dealing with COVID-19 world, and, while some live races have begun to take place, it’s not without numerous restrictions. If you’re like me and not quite ready to experience the reality of a very different-looking live, race day experience, you might be struggling with the mentality of […]
PERIODIZATION: Genetics + Epigenetics = Secret Code!
This is part 6 of a 6-part series by Palmer Shape. If you’ve been following along on our Periodization Series… you probably thought this topic could not possibly become any nerdier. Wrong! Alas, we present the final segment of the series: Genetics + Epigenetics = Secret Code! Say what? A secret code? Yes– this is […]