OCR Racers is proud to partner with the following companies:

Palmer Shape, LLC:

Palmer Shape is our go-to strength and conditioning trainer.  Multi-week strength training programs are offered at one low price. Buy the whole package to include your lift, cardio, and flex sessions, or purchase a la carte.  No discount code necessary.  These programs are priced at a fraction of what the true market value runs. Palmer Shape, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

HerbSwift, CBD On Demand:

HerbSwift is the number one online marketplace for all things CBD.  Order online, delivered straight to you.  Multiple high quality brands to choose from and all personally vetted and handpicked by the HerbSwift team to ensure you’re only getting the best. Use code OCR15 to save on your next purchase. HerbSwift

OCR Buddy:

OCR Buddy is the only OCR Racers approved app that will help with all of your OCR planning needs.  Find your next race, plan a team to run with, sort by location, date, and more.  Download on the app store today. OCR Buddy logo

Race Ready Obstacles:

RRO has your back when it comes to bringing the OCR course into your backyard.  Need grips, a rope, or to practice that nemesis, Twister?  Look no further because RRO has what you need.  Be ready on race day. Race Ready Obstacles image