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First-timers, veterans, you name it… people are looking for OCR Race Recaps and intel!  As someone who has raced somewhere in the world, you’ve likely got that intel!  This page is meant to be a community for OCR Racers, so help us help others by letting others know why OCR is so great! If you have a race you can’t stop beaming about, then send us your race recap, any photos you’d like included, and your name / Instagram username so we can also credit the recap back to you! Now accepting admissions regarding all OCR races. Requirements:
  • Provide your name and/or Instagram name that you’d like to receive credit.
  • Provide the OCR Race raced, the location, and the date you raced.
  • YOU raced the race yourself and can provide first-hand experience and knowledge.
  • You own the rights to any photos you are providing (please do not send photos taken by the OCR company itself during the race).
  • You agree that we can use the photos to post both on ocrracers.com and our official social media channels, including our Instagram account @obstaclecourseracers and/or Twitter @OCRRacers to promote this post.
  • Be engaging; tell your story and what people should know about the race (should they bring extra water, a pack, are there rolling hills, etc…?)
  • Give or take 1,500 original (non-plagiarized) words– must be an original work.
  • Your post should not consist of a breakdown of every obstacle, but more along the lines of why the race and race venue rocked and why others should consider it in the future.
  • Email us with the above info and “OCR Peep W/ A Story” as the subject line so we know you’ve read and agreed to the requirements of the post.
Don’t worry about formatting.  We’ll take care of that on our end plus any missing grammar/punctuation that might be required to meet our editorial standards.