“…bloody, but unbowed.”
Just Palmer. Prepared with a B.S. in Physiology and a CSCS, Palmer Shape is equipped with over a decade of competition experience, having coached and trained hundreds of high school, college, and professional athletes. Supported by all associated data. I can push and pull fair amounts of weight. I can run fast and jump high. I can accomplish impressive kinesthetic tasks and have completed thousands of repetitions of each exercise in every workout that I offer; but it’s deeper than that. My undergraduate experience took place at the University of Arizona; here’s where I learned how to learn. I graduated in 2014 having gathered knowledge from a reputable exercise physiology department as a subject AND researcher of advanced testing methods and analysis. Science is cool. Recently addicted to information, in 2015 I attained my CSCS via NSCA; here’s where I learned how to control. The amount of insight available on how to manipulate physical fitness and body composition is astounding. There’s a lot. I don’t want the letters that follow my name to be this introduction’s point of emphasis; rather this: You’ll have one of two reactions to someone you consider to be in “impressive” shape…

“Wow, I bet they had to train hard to get there.”

  – Or –

“Wow, what are they training for!?”

Implying that one has already peaked, and one is yet to see their full power. I offer you the path I took to becoming the latter.  

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