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When you get your program, you also become part of our community. Our racers enjoy exclusive access to a private Facebook group to learn, grow, and get better together.

We’ve all got the same love of the sport regardless of which OCR Race happens to be our personal favorite.  Let’s support each other, build each other up, and be the best athletic community in the world, inspiring others join in on this lifestyle and community.

You are what makes this a community.

With you in mind, it is our mission to provide the OCR Community a common place to collaborate, exchange ideas, as well as find information, products, and services that will help any obstacle course racer—new or experienced— elevate their racing and training.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Simple.  We want to improve the lives of others without breaking the bank.

Again, simple.  People forget to cancel subscriptions.  Every month someone forgets to cancel before the money is withdrawn from their account is another month they’ve thrown money away.   We want you to elevate your training without breaking the bank.  Our programs are thoughtfully and reasonably priced in an effort to truly help others out.

Palmer Shape programs are all written by the highly certified professional, Steven, whose background is a degree in Physiology and has a CSCS training certification.  They are more than what you would expect if you hired a personal trainer (only much better and WAY less expensive).  Upon purchase, you will receive a PDF to download with the complete program(s).  They are yours to keep and refer back to, forever. 

ABSOLUTELY! Anyone can benefit from these ocr training programs.  While they are tailored to help elevate an OCR racer’s potential, anyone at any skill level can use our programs because we don’t just throw a bunch of “OCR stuff” in there. Our focus for the OCR racer is to build your body up so you can achieve any obstacle, regardless of the obstacle.  But, you still might want to practice the spear throw… 

Yes.  We believe our ocr training programs are so good, that even the most seasoned OCR Racer will benefit from our programs.  Even if you’ve been on another training program, you can benefit because Palmer Shape programs tend to be different from other programs in the way they are structured and the exercises that are included.  Your muscles will recognize that you’re doing something different and; therefore, produce results.