A community created by racers, for racers.  We’ve all got the same love of the sport regardless of which OCR Race happens to be our personal favorite.  Let’s support each other, build each other up, and be the best athletic community in the world so that others will be more tempted to join in on this lifestyle and community.  You are what makes this a community.  Send over your race and product reviews, photos to post in social accounts or ideas for improvement to better serve you and the OCR Community.


To provide the OCR Community a place to collaborate, exchange ideas, find information, products, and services that will help any obstacle course racer—new or experienced— elevate their racing and training.


Eddie, a financial planner by day, originally got into obstacle course racing as a way to build strength and have fun.  Already an active mountain biker, snowboarder, hiker, and soccer player, he knew that he was going to need a way to keep his muscles and bones strong as he got older. He picked up obstacle course racing and was instantly hooked.  As the story goes, he completed his first Spartan Sprint race (in Breckenridge) and decided to sign up for another one not too long after the first.  After his second Spartan, he said: “Well, that was fun.  I think I’m going to do like 6 next year.”  He completed 7 Spartans, 1 Rugged Maniac, 3 Terrain Races, and went to the Obstacle Course Racing World Championships… all in his first real year as an OCR athlete. To follow Eddie’s personal OCR journey, you can find him on Instagram @eddieaz_ocr   Bethany picked up obstacle course racing after realizing that Eddie had found a new passion that she felt could be a lot of fun.  Initially, she would run around snapping photos of her husband at all the races and at some point, decided to join in the fun. Active in her own regard with kickboxing, snowboarding, hiking, and running, she thought that if she enjoyed the races as well, it’d be a great way to add another hobby that she and Eddie could do together.  She decided to try her first obstacle race at a Terrain Race 5K.  Turns out, she also became passionate about it and decided she was going to do a handful of races right away as well.  Her first year, she completed 3 Terrain Races, 1 Spartan Sprint, and 1 Rugged Maniac.  The following year, she added 6 Spartans, 2 Terrain Races, and 1 Rugged Maniac. Bethany’s personal OCR journey can be followed on Instagram @bethanyd_az Eddie & Bethany wanted to start a community for OCR racers that didn’t focus on one specific race over another and hope to inspire and unite people around the world through obstacle course racing.  It’s safe to say that OCR has become a way of life that they are super grateful for. They reside in the U.S. with their dog, Chalupa Batman, who can sometimes be seen at races here and there cheering folks on and patiently waiting to be pet. Chalupa Batman Cheers, and welcome to the OCR Community!