Strength & Conditioning

We’ve teamed up with Palmer Shape to provide world class strength training programs, without a subscription! It doesn’t matter whether you’re new or experienced at OCR.  Every training plan has its purpose, and was personally crafted by Steven Palmer, CSCS.  These training plans have been carefully planned out and battle-tested by OCR Racers and high-caliber athletes alike.

The results are the same: incredible.

Choose Your Workout Plan

Each Training Plan Includes:

  • A solid training program spanning 6-10 weeks (dependent upon program and your schedule).
  • A suggested calendar for incorporating the workouts.
  • Access to a private Facebook group and dedicated email address, where you can ask Palmer Shape and/or OCRRACERS.COM questions directly about your training.  You’ll also be able to converse with other members that have purchased Palmer Shape programs and may have already had the same question answered.  Either way, ask away and we’ll get you taken care of so your training doesn’t skip a beat.
  • Access to video demonstrations of Palmer Shape performing various exercises.
  • Access to free webinars and/or live chats, where Palmer Shape will answer your questions in real-time.

Not sure where to start?

STEP 1Download the Free Protocol Test

This pre-assessment provides you one killer workout while also testing your fitness finesse.

STEP 2Test Your Current Fitness Level

Follow the workout in the Protocol Test and record your results.

STEP 3Select Your New Training Regimen

Use your results to determine which training program is right for you.

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