OCR Traveler: Hotel Gyms


You never really know what kind of equipment a hotel will have on deck, but don’t let that stop you from getting in a pre-race workout to shake out the legs and make sure your body is ready for action. Our Hotel Gym workouts take into account the most basic of hotel gym equipment: dumbbells.

Enjoy these workouts, and the burn that comes along with it.

Included in the Hotel Gym workouts package:

  • 3 workouts for a hotel gym
  • Immediate access to download the workouts
  • Access to a private Facebook group for support

Bonus:  our workouts always include a good warm-up!








Traveling to races doesn’t have to put a wrinkle in your daily workout routine.  We’ve whipped up a few hotel gym workouts that can be done in even the most basic of hotel gyms.  Get immediate access to 3 different hotel gym workouts in this package.

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