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Post-Season Flex + Cardio (All levels)


This post-season flex + cardio OCR training program will take your strength training to the next level.  It provides that added oomph that many strength training programs leave out because it incorporates unique cardio programs in addition to flexibility programs that work overtime to maintain your gains, help prevent injury down the line, and rehab your muscles.

The Palmer Shape Post-Season training program provides you with a schedule to follow, and includes 6-8 weeks of Flex and Cardio training.

This package does not include the Lift program.

Suitable for all levels (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced).

Isn’t it time you train in a thoughtful, strategic, calculated way that will prevent injury, maintain your gains, and include more rehab-style movements? Show some love to your muscles from the stress and maximum effort they’ve undergone. This is the Post-Season training program that will set you up for greater success next in-season, even if you’re starting from scratch.

If you’re already following a strength training program, but looking to add some more oomph, we’ve got you covered.  Post-Season training may not be as glamorous as your all out effort training, but it’s arguably just as beneficial.  Just incorporate this flex + cardio ocr training program alongside the strength training program you’re already following, and watch your oomph become ooh-la-la.

This post-season OCR training program was designed specifically to help you maintain those gains you’ve worked hard for, rehab your body back to normal, and help you prevent injury down the line.  Post-Season training should be done prior to off-season training to experience the most benefit.

The Palmer Shape Post-Season flex plus cardio OCR training program provides you with a schedule to follow and includes 6-8 weeks of Flex and Cardio post-season training all in one package.

To purchase the package that also includes 6-8 weeks of lift programming, click here.

Your purchase includes:

  • Flex + Cardio programming
  • A suggested program schedule
  • Access to a Private Facebook group for support
  • Access to a Private email address for support
  • Video demonstrations of exercises in every workout in the post-season ocr training program.
  • A complete training program so you can train with intent, focus, and purpose. 
  • Immediate access to download the program.  Print it off, or access it digitally. It’s yours to keep and refer back to.  Forever.
  • A smoking deal.  Our programs are written by the highly certified Palmer Shape.  Palmer Shape is a CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist), and trains athletes of all caliburs to improve their performance on and off the course.

*The 6-8 weeks depends on your schedule, and how you are able to fit the program in around your current commitments. Our post-season training program is intentionally shorter than our other OCR training programs because the goals of a post-season program naturally differ.

If you have questions about what the program entails, please ask us prior to purchasing and we’ll be more than happy to chat about the program to determine whether it’s a good fit for you.  Digital training programs and workouts are non-refundable.

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