OCR Buddy Presents OCR Community Choice Awards

ocr buddy awards 2022

OCR Buddy presents their second annual OCR Community Choice Awards, which are now open to nominations!

OCRRacers.com is proud to partner with them, along with NUMEROUS other OCR brands to elevate the community’s favorites for recognition.  After all, everyone wants to ensure a fun and thriving community for years to come.  Part of that means taking time to recognize those making meaningful, positive impacts.

As the year winds down and races start to taper off for a small break, it’s time to have some fun and let your voice be heard! Submit your nominations for your favorites in the 2022 OCR Community Choice Awards!  Samples of some categories you can nominate consist of:

  • Favorite male/female OCR Athlete?
  • Best Obstacle?
  • Best International Event?
  • Best volunteer?

Feel overly passionate about another race, brand, product, or event? Maybe you’re ecstatic about a particular photographer, OCR news source, or blog. You can submit your own category if you don’t see it listed, and your chosen nominee for it right from the same form.

Nominations are open now through November 25th, 2022
Voting will open on November 30th and Close on December 14th

Winners will be announced on OCR Buddy’s Facebook Live at a time/date TBD.

Fill out your nomination form over on the OCR Buddy website here.



Shameless plug: before you go submit nominations, feel free to check out the services and merch our small business offers the OCR Community!

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