Product Review: MudGear 6” Flex-Fit Compression Shorts

Product Review: MudGear 6” Flex-Fit Compression Shorts

Author: Bethany Diaz |  Published: May 31, 2023


Having the right gear to exercise in is one of the more important details come time to put it all to the test on a race day.  After all, if you’ve followed the very first rule of racing (nothing new on race day!), then you already know your gear won’t be an issue.  There’s nothing worse than getting a couple miles in on a long endurance run or event to find out that your shirt/shorts/socks/shoes/etc… cause chafing and blisters, or some other uncomfortable situation.

So, what gear works well in an obstacle course race? While there are a decent number of brands that have proven to hold up well in a muddy obstacle-fest, I’m raving about MudGear’s 6” Flex-Fit Compression Shorts for women.


You can buy them with MudGear’s bold logo look, or a more subtle version. (I have both thanks to MudGear’s amazing and over-the-top customer service! I emailed to ask a question about the shorts with the logo and they sent me another pair without the logo to resolve my inquiry, which was pretty minor in the scheme of life).

MudGear 6 Flex-Fit shorts
Shorts featured both with and without MudGear’s bold logo.
Features (pulled from) MudGear’s website:
  • Premium 4-way stretch performance compression fabric
  • Pro-level compression for superior mobility and support
  • Highly breathable wicking material
  • Back pocket to zip-secure nutrition, key, phone, etc.
  • Mesh side pockets for conveniently quick drainage
  • Strong drawstring closure for added security
  • 6” inseam helps protect your legs

MudGear attests to the power of the MudGear 6” Flex-Fit Compression Shorts and anyone can wear them for any event. However, they specifically designed them to withstand the race course for mud & obstacle course racers alike.

Personal Experience:

First and foremost- these shorts stay put and do not ride up!!! Can I get a high-five? It is never enjoyable to feel like you are constantly pulling your shorts down mid-race or training run (though at least there aren’t as many people seeing you fixing yourself during training runs!)

They have pockets in the side for easy storing of your phone or for on the go nutrition if you’re racing without a race vest of some sort.

My experience has been that the fabric really is highly breathable and I’ve stayed cool in them. I don’t get overheated, even in hot Arizona summer months. Even better:  I did a road relay race in them traversing an uphill portion near Death Valley. My leg of the run began around 1pm. It was over 80 degrees that day, and as you can see from the photo below: mostly sunny and very exposed.

Although it seemed like I was dying because I’m just not used to the monotony of running roads uphill, my shorts were very comfortable temperature-wise and I never gave a second thought to these MudGear shorts I was wearing. (It might not look uphill and well, photos taken from a car aren’t the best… but it definitely went up!)

These shorts definitely wick moisture or water away quickly during an obstacle race. The MudGear 6” Flex-Fit shorts also have a flattering compression feature and it doesn’t look like you’re sucking in or have lumps in weird spots.  I do have another brand of compression pants that are super unflattering, so I feel this is fairly important.


My overall impression is that these shorts honestly rock! I am so excited to have found them. The only pair of good shorts I’ve found previously was from a local running store years ago.  I’d been having trouble finding new racing shorts but the MudGear 6” Flex-Fit are for sure a keeper for race day!






The author is a current MudGear ambassador, but was not paid, compensated in any way, or asked to write this review. It is her honest opinion of the product and based on her personal experience. However, if you’d like to save some cash (15%) on your next MudGear purchase, you may use this link, along with MudGear promo code: BDIAZ  I may receive a small commission from purchases made via my ambassador link and/or by use of the discount code at no additional cost to you.

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