The Benefits of Eating Ginger:

Did you know that ginger has all sorts of benefits that can help you as an OCR racer?  Incorporating it often (even daily) into your diet can help your overall athlete finesse.  You can usually find it in the store in several variations: raw, powder, tea, oils, pickled, etc… making it easier than ever to take advantage of all the good it offers.  Research has shown that eating ginger routinely may help with the following:

  • reduce inflammation
  • reduce muscle soreness
  • reduce the risk of cancer
  • lower blood sugar
  • lower cholesterol
  • improved circulation
  • boosts our immune systems
  • reduce nausea or stomach discomfort

As an OCR racer, it’s all too common to experience inflammation, muscle soreness, or even temporarily elevated blood sugar.  We train hard and race harder.  We’re tough on our bodies.  To be a sustainable OCR racer, you also need to care for the body that allows you to conquer obstacle course races around the world.

Ginger is best when incorporated into your nutrition frequently because it continuously works to help with the items on the list above.  In other words, you can’t wake up sore, eat some ginger, and expect instantaneous results.  Adding it to your meals will do wonders for you as you train and race.  Over time, the benefits of ginger will continue to add up and you’ll notice your body functioning better as an athlete and the soreness won’t stick around as long after a good, hard training session (or race).

Need ideas on how to use more ginger?

Here are some healthy options for food incorporation:

  • smoothies
  • soup
  • tea
  • curry
  • fish
  • salads
  • pho
  • with poultry dishes

We’ve also tried out a couple of recipes incorporating ginger and these two won over our stomachs.  Click here to view our Ginger Chicken Breast and click here to view Carrot Soup with Orange & Ginger.


Source: Legion Athletics & The Joint Chiropractic


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