One Easy Trick to Improving Your Grip Strength

Improve Your Grip Strength With A Ball

Grip strength is an often overlooked but completely necessary exercise if you want to be at all successful at OCR as an athlete.

Sure, there are lots of great methods like dead-hangs and pull-ups that do help work on grip strength… but there might be days where your workout isn’t centered around the gym or a place with access to tools that help with grip strength.  What do you do on those days to ensure you aren’t losing out on an important aspect of your training?


Consider investing in a gyroscopic ball that will help you with strength in your palms, fingers, and forearms.  Translation?  Grip strength in all the right places.  Physical Therapists are fond of gyroscopic balls because they help with exercising the wrist in a fluid, rotational manner to gain mobility with low impact.  You can find them on Amazon for around $20 (significantly less expensive than from the company directly) or at many sporting goods stores for around the same price.

Though traditionally used as a recovery tool, they are clearly gaining popularity among athletes across the athletic spectrum.  Look at the types of athletes mentioned in the quote below.  They could all arguably translate into sports that cross over into the skills needed for a successful OCR athlete.

The company at the forefront of the gyroscopic ball, DFX Sports & Fitness, makes these claims on their website:

“…have evolved into miracle medicine for Carpal Tunnel, Rehabilitation, and repetitive stress injuries.

We are most popularly known for creating revolutionary exercisers that improve dexterity, promote blood circulation, and strengthen, tone, and increase muscle mass with low impact resistance training. We now have sports-specific fitness gyros which simulate exact muscle movements and allow you to practice or train Anytime, Anywhere. Athletes of all spectrums including MMA fighters, rock climbers, professional shooters, and even pro BMX riders utilize our Powerball Gyros in their everyday training regimen.”

Do you have a gyroscopic ball or have you contemplated getting one considering the multiple benefits they offer?


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