Fit Four OCR gloves

Note: This review is from an OCR Community member and is specific to the Fit Four OCR Neo Grip gloves and does not include the “OCR Slit” style gloves or any other Fit Four glove (such as workout gloves, gymnastics grips, etc…).  This review is also not sponsored or paid for in any way.


Seeing that the Fit Four brand is the Official Spartan race glove, I purchased a set of the OCR Neo Grip gloves after trying them on at a Spartan Open House on a Friday night before race weekend.

When trying them on at the tent, I thought they felt pretty comfortable and stayed snugly in place.  They had a bar at the tent to grip onto, and I could tell that they did provide a good amount of grip on the metal bar.  I decided right then to go ahead and commit and purchased a set for myself.  I should note that I had not been having issues with my hands.  I just thought that it wouldn’t hurt to improve the situation.  I played around with them on some obstacles at the open house and felt I had made a good purchase.

Race day came and went.  Here’s what I learned about the Fit Four OCR Neo Grip gloves:

  • The gloves stayed in place rather well,
  • They stay dry.  There is no sweat buildup, and they do dry rather quickly after water obstacles due to the neoprene fabric,
  • The rubber grips on the palm side do not grip well on rubber (I immediately slipped off of the rings on multi-rig.  Like, I didn’t even have a chance to stay put on them despite the fact that I had not previously ever failed or had trouble with the rings on multi-rig.),
  • They are helpful in eliminating the chance of rope burn on rope-based obstacles,
  • They are helpful with chains on things like plate drag,
  • They are helpful to be able to grip metal (i.e., Twister),
  • They go on and off easily– you can easily take them off/put them on while running,
  • The minimalist approach is super convenient,
  • It’s nice that they are machine washable after a muddy race (on the cold setting, and lay flat to dry).

Personally, I am probably not going to race in them again because, as I said above, I wasn’t having issues to begin with– I was just looking to enhance my grip, which sort of backfired on the multi-rig for me.  I wound up taking them off and shoving them in my pants after a bit, honestly.  They stayed put in my pants well also…and did not slide around at all.

I do see how the gloves can benefit me in my training sessions and will likely relegate them to gym gloves for lift days and farmer’s carry sessions.  If you have an issue with calluses ripping open on grip-intensive obstacles, then the Fit Four gloves can help eliminate that.  I would just take them off when approaching rubber rings on multi-rigs.  😉

All in all, wearing gloves comes down to personal preference, and while it’s probably the only way to go for some, I learned it just isn’t for me.

Fit Four does stand by their product and their customers, so naturally, they offer a money-back guarantee. If you happen to try them and change your mind– you’ve got 30 days to do so.  They’ll also exchange them for a different size or style.  Props on their customer-centric ethos.




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