Product Review: Honey Stinger Hydration

Product Review: Honey Stinger hydration

Published September 1, 2021

I’ve previously opined in a product review on why I love Honey Stinger products so much, but that was before they introduced their new hydration line. The Honey Stinger hydration products are a different source of fuel, and I think the new hydration line deserves its own review since someone may be looking just for hydration and not necessarily food to eat... ha!


So far, the Honey Stinger hydration lineup consists of a handful of products and flavors. Naturally, honey is the focus of the products and a star ingredient. Their proprietary blend of organic honey, sodium, and water helps key ingredients get absorbed quickly so that your hydration levels are always where they should be during a hard race or training session.

From the Honey Stinger website, each step in the hydration process serves its own purpose and function:

  • PREPARE: Helps replenish fluid loss, optimizes hydration, and supports brain function, mental focus and cognitive health.
  • PERFORM: Helps absorb carbohydrates to give you an energy boost, supports mental focus, and replaces electrolytes lost during a workout.
  • RECOVER: Replenishes fluid and electrolyte losses post-exercise, supports the immune system, and optimizes hydration.

Currently, the Prepare is available in Strawberry Lemonade and Pomegranate Passionfruit. The Perform is available in Mango Melon and Black Cherry, and Recover serves up Berry Defense or Tangerine Defense.

We tried 5 of the 6.  (The only reason we didn’t buy the sixth, which is the Prepare Pomegranate Passionfruit, is because we literally have boxes of the same flavor in the Honey Stinger chews.  So, we’ll grab that hydration flavor to try at a later date.)

The Black Cherry is so delicious! Honestly, I had to remind myself I was drinking a hydration product and not something else.  This is saying a lot because I quit drinking black cherry-flavored things like 20 years ago.  They just always tasted too artificial to me.  Not this black cherry concoction.  It is so tasty.  

The Mango Melon is a really good blend as well.  Not too overly mango or melon-ish. A slightly sweet and refreshing drink without tasting sugary.  The Tangerine Defense really tastes like you’re getting a good dose of Vitamin C in (and you are– one packet contains 180mg of this vital vitamin).


I’ve noticed that not all hydration/electrolyte products break down the same. In addition, because they are all powder-based, they are ready to drink pretty quickly.  No waiting on tabs to dissolve, and the powder does a good job at dissolving pretty fast.  So far, I also have not noticed any leftover residue in my water bottles either, which is a huge bonus for me personally.

The Honey Stinger hydration products come in a single serve packet.  The first couple packets I had were not easy to open and I had to cut them open with scissors.  Not ideal if you’re trying to refuel mid-race or something.  

I was about to submit a suggestion over it when I pulled out another packet to use.  Perhaps the first couple had errors because the perforated line was missing and there was no indication to “tear here.” I spot-checked a handful of other packets and the line is most prominent on the Black Cherry, but they do faintly appear to be on the others.  The back does indicate (in small letters) where to tear, but it’s not overly obvious.  I do think this could be more obvious but then again, now I know and won’t have an issue.

Once you tear where it indicates, it opens fairly easy.  On occasion, after making the tear, I have then had to also pull the sides apart almost as if you’re opening a bag of chips if that makes sense. Not the end of the world, but again, if you’re mid-race and competing, you probably don’t want to have to spend that extra time. #EverySecondCounts!

Every Honey Stinger hydration product is Non-GMO, Dairy Free, and Gluten Free.  


I have found that the products do not upset my stomach at all, whether I’m hydrating before/after activity or in the middle of an intense activity.  It’s all gone down, stayed down, and absorbed properly.  No bonking, no runner’s gut, and no other noticeable side effects to report.  Just a wholesome, good hydration product in my opinion.

Remember to try it out while you’re close to home in case you experience something different, and never try anything new on race day!



Have you tried their hydration products yet? Let me know how you like them!





Disclaimer: The author is a current Honey Stinger ambassador, but was not paid, compensated in any way, or asked to write this review.

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