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Written by: Eddie (Find him on IG: @eddieaz_ocr).

We have been using Nuun now since about 2017, which is right around the time I started to get into Obstacle Course Racing and transitioning to more of an endurance athlete.  In 2019, Bethany and I both became Nuun ambassadors.  I was never a big fan of drinking drinks like gatorade, Fit-Aid or the similar during workouts because I felt that the drinks were either too fizzy or sweet.

(But, definitely give me that Fit-Aid, Celsius, etc… at the finish line!)

I happened to be at the store one day purchasing some protein bars (which I now make from scratch),  and I saw some Nuun tablets and thought to myself, what the heck? Let’s try these!  My original purchase was for their Sport tablets, which I thoroughly enjoyed and still do to this day.  I found that they gave a little boost during my strength and conditioning sessions.  From there, I tried the Endurance line which not only adds electrolytes and carbohydrates but is enjoyable to drink.  Fast forward to today – we are a full Nuun line household incorporating the Immunity, Rest, Sport, and Endurance products.  We thoroughly enjoy the flavors (high fives for Tropical and Mixed Berry) and it is something different besides just water, which is our main source of hydration.

Since we use the sport line the most frequently, I’ll go into a little more detail on that product.  Nuun Sport is made with plant-based ingredients, is non-GMO certified, and has no artificial sweeteners, making it super easy on your stomach and easy to digest.  Essentially, it’s a clean-ingredients sports drink packed with complete electrolytes that replace what is lost when you sweat during exercise.

Ingredients for Nuun Sport:

1 Tablet = 1g sugar, 15 calories

  • Sodium: 300 mg
  • Potassium: 150 mg
  • Magnesium: 25 mg
  • Calcium: 13 mg
  • Chloride: 40 mg
  • 1 g of sugar (Non-gmo sourced dextrose)
  • Stevia leaf (sweetener)
  • Avocado oil
  • 40 mg of organic caffeine from green tea extract (some flavors)

Speaking of hydration…

Below is what our typical day of hydration looks like (outside of days leading up to a race):

  • Wake Up
  • Cup of coffee: 10-12 oz
  • Water: a bunch of it
  • When we work out, we bring: a 40-ounce container of water and 40-ounce container of water with 1 tablet of Nuun Sport
  • If we happen to need more we keep the same proportions and refill
  • Water: a bunch of it
  • Maybe some coconut water, and possibly another 40-ounce bottle with 1 Nuun tablet either Rest or Immunity
  • Go to sleep

Depending on the days where we may double up our workouts, we may have another Nuun Sport tablet or scoop of the Nuun Endurance. We recently also started stocking the fridge with Celsius and Fit-Aids for when we get home and our body is calming down from an intense training session (reviews for these products coming soon as well— if you have one you’d like us to post, please submit it!).

Obviously, hydration is not only mission critical for any person but it’s especially key for an athlete.  And you also need to enjoy what you drink!  Like mentioned before, we have found Nuun to be a great option for us.  The Nuun flavors are great and the products function as intended.  I  encourage you to give it a try and let us know what you think.

As always comments are welcome below! Have you tried Nuun?

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