PRODUCT REVIEW: Original WarriorPak Gloves

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warriorpak gloves

Review Submitted by OCR Community Member Josh Koehler
Find him on Instagram: @2C_OCR

warriorpak gloves


I am proud to be a WarriorPak ambassador.  I discovered Obstacle Course Racing in late 2017 and ran my first race in April of 2018.  During my training in early 2018 I had a problem with tearing callouses on my hands…my 10+ years behind a keyboard didn’t exactly acclimate my hands for OCR life.

I bought some WarriorPak gloves (Elite 2 Half-finger model) just before my first race in early 2018 and only experienced 1 minor callous tear the rest of the entire year!  I did 18 Spartan Races and about 25 total OCRs in 2018.  The original pair of gloves are still going strong.

I love the durability and how they allow me to do back-to-back races unharmed.  If anyone has any questions they can always contact me on Instagram and people can also get 10% off their entire order at with code “2COCR” !!

warriorpak gloves


Have you tried the Original WarriorPak Gloves, or another type of OCR glove? Feel free to submit your own review to be posted to our website.


warriorpak gloves











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