PRODUCT REVIEW: Race Ready Obstacles’ Grips

Race Ready Obstacles grips

We are super excited about this product review, covering Race Ready Obstacles “Kind of Savage” grip package!

I purchased this grip package for Eddie for Christmas… which in turn was also basically a present for myself if we’re being honest. But, he had been wanting them for awhile, so I was happy to oblige! This particular Race Ready Obstacles grip package includes the following:

  • Twirly Beard
  • 1″ Rope Nunchuck
  • 2″ T-Bar
  • 2″ Stirrup
  • Steel Nunchuck
  • Necessary hanging straps
  • Quick links (or as some people call them, carabiners)

Provided your space is already set up and ready to go, the grips are ready to hang straight out of the box. (If you need a demo on how to hang them, Dana from Race Ready Obstacles provides a great tutorial here on their Instagram!)  If you don’t have a dedicated space, you can still use these at a local park.  They are easy to set up and take down within minutes and there are usually plenty of pre-existing structures you can attach them to (soccer goals, monkey bars, etc…).

We had some work to do to get our home space set up since we’re a little limited on space for a rig short of building an entirely new structure, but with some creativity and any luck, it’s going to be incorporated into our existing outdoor pergola (finisher pics to come of course!).

Edit: it’s done!  Here are some photos!

I have not run a Savage Race (yet!) but these grip holds are what you’ll find on their rigs (hence the name, Kind of Savage).

On to the review of the grips!


The hanging straps are extremely durable.  This sounds like an odd way to describe something; but, they just look strong and safe.  Safety is obviously something to be concerned about because you don’t want to get hurt (or have anyone visit and get hurt) while trying to have fun, practice, or train on grips.  These straps just scream “I’m sturdy and safe.”

The grips themselves are extremely well made.  The care and skill that has gone into the grips is obvious.  The 2″ T-Bar…holy smokes batman, that thing is heavy! Since the 2″ T-Bar, 2″ Stirrup, and Steel Nunchuck are all made from metal, these grips are made to stand the test of time.  The steel nunchuck is especially impressive because it features two grip styles in one.  The upper half is coated and the bottom half is left as metal.  This is smart because it allows for you to practice very different surfaces and gain different experience.

The ropes (twirly beard and the rope nunchuck) are something I’m eager to practice on.  While strength and conditioning has massively helped with my ability to conquer grip-based obstacles, I do tend to still struggle when the end of a rig is ropes, so clearly, I need practice there. I tend to be able to get one rope but then not the transfer to a second one if more than one is present.  Sometimes experience with a situation is more productive than anything else.

Plus, the grips are all handmade in the USA by a veteran and his wife.  They leave no detail behind.  I really can’t say enough about the quality of these grips.  Hopefully we’ll be able to finish our rig this weekend (of course…it’s supposed to actually rain here in Phoenix for once, so we’ll see.)


The Kind of Savage grip package is only $135, which saves you a few bucks by bundling them altogether.  If you prefer to purchase individual grips, they’re super reasonably priced for a la carte as well. (Prices current as of the publishing of this review. Check the Race Ready Obstacles website for the most current pricing.)

  • Twirly Beard $35
  • 1″ Rope Nunchuck $30
  • 2″ T-Bar $30
  • 2″ Stirrup $30
  • Steel Nunchuck $20


If you like swinging from things and getting in your obstacle practice or want to create your own kind of ninja space at home, I’d recommend giving these grips a try.

If you prefer to train by lifting heavy things or running fast, please check out our training programs.

I personally like a blend of all of the above because, why not? It’s fun to crush the course!


Happy Training!





(As mentioned above, I purchased these grips for our personal use. But, just to let you know, we were not compensated to write this review.  It’s just our good ole’ honest opinion for your reading enjoyment.)

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