PRODUCT REVIEW: UltrAspire Handheld IsoPocket 3.0

Product Review: UltrAspire Handheld IsoPocket 3.0

Product Review: UltrAspire Handheld IsoPocket 3.0

Submitted by: Eddie D.


As OCR Racers, we all know too well the amount of training and time on trails spent in order to make your next obstacle course race that much easier.  Whether it’s training to eliminate a set of burpees or training to be able to run the duration of the race, you’re doing things that require rehydration!

We all know hydration is critically important. We also know that proper hydration actually starts well before a workout, race or any other strenuous activity. And, it’s proven that hydration during physical activity is incredibly beneficial.

Over the last few years as I’ve gotten more into OCR racing, I’ve also had to take my running more serious than I had in quite awhile. With that said, I also have the Arizona summer heat to contend with, and let me tell you… it is no joke! Hydrating no matter how long or short a workout is, it’s highly recommended to always have water.  I literally carry it everywhere.  Even for some of my shorter runs I will carry additional water on top of what my Nathan VaporKrar carries, so I figure I would give these UltrAspire Handheld IsoPocket 3.0 bottles a try.  I purchased two of them.


After looking at a few different styles, I figured I would give the UltraAspire Iso Pocket Handheld 3.0 a try. I had my doubts and thought at first it would be a little weird holding water bottles while running, but with the secure strap they have with the bottle, it makes running with these a breeze. The mesh strap, which wicks and helps remove moisture, it also has a zipper pocket to store your favorite fuel for runs. I’ve been able to squeeze a peanut butter individual serving pack and a HoneyStinger Gel or 1 bag of HoneyStinger Chews into a bottle.


  • Formed to fit your hand as you would naturally hold a bottle,
  • Easy pull zipper that stays put,
  • 4-way stretch mesh for the pocket to easily expand,
  • Angled neck for ease of access to fluids while running,
  • Silicone valve automatically opens and closes as you use it,
  • Extremely lightweight,
  • Mesh is wicking and helps evaporate any moisture
  • 20 oz
  • Easy to clean


  • Fluids can sometimes squirt out randomly for no known reason.

My only critique of this handheld is that sometimes water squirts out of the top of the bottle. It doesn’t happen often, and I really haven’t figured out the exact reasoning why it does this but it definitely is not enough to have me worried about all of my water splashing out. This has occurred both walking and running, whether squeezing the bottle or holding it by the pocket.  If and when I figure out why it does that I will definitely provide an update.


I do find these handhelds incredibly convenient as opposed to having to set up and wear my vest each run. Whether it’s the length, difficulty, exposure or the countless other things to take into consideration, this product is just another tool in the tool belt to constantly carry hydration and fuel dependent upon your needs of the day. It’s obviously more limiting than what I can carry in a vest, but that’s kind of the point.  On a day you need to take essentials and don’t want to carry everything under the sun, this is a great option.


Do you use handhelds to hydrate? Feel free to submit a review as well if you have one you can’t live without… or absolutely despise, HA!  All are welcome into our community as we strive to lift each other up and better ourselves– sharing what products work and those that don’t is a small part in that!

You should know that this review was not sponsored, paid for, or anything else that implies someone expected us to write a good review.  We bought the bottles with our own money, and for our own legitimate use and decided to relay the info on them to the world in case anyone’s curious. With all the disclaimers on product reviews you normally see, we realize this is weird.  But, it’s also the way it should be. Cheers!

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