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So…you’ve gotten bit by the OCR bug and not only want to do well but also look your best (and hope that the gear you invest in offers some benefit)?

You begin scouting out different companies that you had not likely heard of before beginning your obstacle course racing journey because you have slowly realized that your average gym leggings might not cut it on race day.

But, are any of these “OCR” pants worth the money?  In my opinion, the answer is a big fat Y-E-S.  OCR pants are worth it.  Now specifically, what about the brand SECOND SKIN?

Well, we personally love ’em here at  We’ve tried the women’s and men’s and the consensus are the same: they rock!

Be forewarned, though– the name is exactly what it implies, and it truly feels like you’re wearing a second layer of skin. The compression pants are TIGHT.  I honestly wasn’t sure I had ordered the right size at first or that they were going to fit over my thighs.  Once I got them on, they fit super snug; but amazingly, it somehow felt like I had nothing on and they were exactly the right size.  (I would warn that this probably isn’t the time to see if you can squeeze into a size smaller than what you normally wear.)

The SECOND SKIN website says this about the size (and it is accurate!):

“When you put on compression gear, gather the material of each arm or leg into your palm (with thumbs inside the arm or leg fabric), and then ease it over your limb. It may feel quite tight at first, so wait five full minutes to judge the fit.” [Emphasis added].

If you need help making sure you’re putting them on properly, the SECOND SKIN website has a couple of video tutorials in addition to written instructions.

So, what are some benefits?

  • Self-regulating temperature due to the built-in “Intelligent thermoregulation” feature (keeps you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold out),
  • Technology that provides you with odor control,
  • QUATROFLX fabric is breathable and lightweight, but also contours to your body so you can move about freely,
  • The fabric is excellent support for your muscles and body,
  • You can order them from their website or pick up a pair at a nearby DICK’S Sporting Goods store, and if you don’t like them, you can return them within 60 days,
  • Designed with CrossFit, OCR, and other types of endurance athletes in mind,
  • They go on sale often.  Seriously, I feel like they’ve been 50% off for like three months now.  You should stock up in case this changes!
  • They’re super flexible and move with you as you need them to.
  • The fabric is sturdy, and it seems as though they are made well and will last awhile.

Any drawbacks?

The women’s pants felt perfectly comfortable when it was cold out but still a little warm on a hotter morning.  Probably a good idea to invest in a pair that isn’t full length for these days.  This wasn’t an issue with the men’s pants.

Also, be prepared to see what areas of your body need improvement when you first put them on. I’m not a large or unfit person, but I was shocked to see that my…ahem, backside, wasn’t as fit as I thought it was.  Working on that…

Other than that, our super small sample size of two could find no real drawback on these pants and, in fact, have since purchased more.  We’ll be purchasing other brands in the future to try and test out, but if you have a review of your own– please submit it to us here.


*Please note that this is NOT a sponsored post and no goods or services were exchanged in return for this review.  We were curious about the pants, bought them, and reviewed them to help provide firsthand knowledge on them.

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