The Workout That Fits in Your Carry-On

Travel often and feel bad about skimping on your workout?  There’s no need for that!  All you need is a standard 52-card deck and some creativity.  Carry the 52-card deck with you regardless of where your travels take you and you’ll always be ready to get your sweat session on whether your hotel has a gym or not.

It works like this:

Assign each suit a different exercise, such as this example:

  • Hearts: Burpees
  • Diamonds: V-ups
  • Clubs: Plank Jacks
  • Spades: Mountain Climbers

Shuffle cards if needed and then begin drawing one at a time.  Do the number on each card of the exercise you drew.  So, if you draw a 5 of Hearts, 7 of Clubs, 3 of Clubs, 2 of Spades, and a 9 of Diamonds, your workout looks like this:

  • 5 burpees, 7 plank jacks, 3 plank jacks, 2 mountain climbers, 9 V-ups, and so on.

Do this until you’ve gotten in a good workout and shoot for somewhere between 10-25 cards at a time if you can.  It’s really quite the calorie-burner and will make sure you are getting something in for training…and, something is always better than nothing! If you can get through the entire 52-card deck, you are awesome!

  • Jacks are worth 11, Queens worth 12, and Kings 13.  So, if you made Aces high, they are 14.

Skip the Joker if you draw it and decide before you begin if Aces will be high or low.  Start drawing cards and getting your workout on!  Don’t forget to change up the exercises once in awhile to keep things interesting!


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