Robert Killian webinar- WearBands

Published 6/2/2021



Two-time Spartan World Champ Robert Killian will be joining WearBands for a free webinar to discuss how he incorporates WearBands into his training routines. You won’t want to miss this!

Set your calendar for Thursday, June 10th at 1PM EST / 10AM Pacific.
This free webinar is being hosted by WearBands, will feature Robert, and will be on Zoom.

You can join the webinar here.

If you’re unfamiliar, WearBands were designed to increase the results of any workout activity via the proven benefits of functional resistance band training. Our training programs often incorporate resistance bands, and the WearBands are a perfect companion to our programs.

Use code OCRRACERS to save 20% on your purchase of WearBands.

Robert Killian webinar

Robert Killian will be answering questions during the webinar as well, so if you’ve got a burning question to ask him… now’s your chance!

If you’re subscribed to our newsletter, we’ll of course send out a reminder so you don’t miss this exciting opportunity! You’ll get a sneak peak into Robert’s training and overall competitive mindset. How does he train to compete (and win) against athletes of all ages?

If you’re in need of your own training program for your next obstacle course race, download our free fitness protocol test to determine which of our programs is right for you.  We can also help you determine your race seasons so you can train and plan appropriately.

Tune in on Thursday, June 10th at 1PM EST / 10AM Pacific.

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