Why We Started An Online OCR Community

Why’d We Start This Online OCR Community, Anyway?

If you’ve spent any time clicking around on our site, you’ve possibly got an idea of who we are over here at ocrracers.com.  But, why did we start this OCR Community? There are a handful of reasons: ​our passion of the sport, the people we meet, and the hope to bring racers together.  It doesn’t matter what race venue– whether it’s a Tough Mudder, Spartan, Savage Race, or a small local OCR event, we all have something in common: we all hope to better ourselves and connect with the people around us. And, we all happen to love getting muddy and conquering obstacles!

As any OCR Racer can attest to, the OCR community is extremely unique.  It’s unique in the sense that there isn’t a lot of judgement.  What do we mean by this?  The OCR Community tends to look at eachother’s commonalities first, embrace them, and then accept people’s differences.  Where else (on earth) do you get that kind of unconditional acceptance?  This is the core of why we started ocrracers.com

Our aim is to promote the sport in general and help it grow, to foster community among all obstacle course racers, to lift up obstacle course racers and help them gain exposure amongst each other and watch as people form connections to last a lifetime.

Whether you are attempting your first race or you are a seasoned veteran, we’re here to provide a platform for all like-minded people to connect.  We all have something to share: knowledge, gear, making new friends, helping one another.  The list goes on.  We also want to help you with your experience: whether that be training, guidance, or increasing your exposure.  Every ounce of our growth has been organic and we take pride in the fact that we will never falsely increase our following. This is important to us.

We invite you to join the OCR Community by sending us your own race recaps, product reviews, or other opinion pieces you’d like to see posted to the website.  We’ll always give you credit, and if you want, we’ll include your social media info and any affiliate links to gear you’ve got.  Tag us or use #OCRFeature in your Insta posts, and we’ll repost your pics in our account.  Email your articles to us by clicking here.

How To Join The OCR Community:

Simply follow us on one of the social platforms (or more if you wish).  We’re here:

You can also check out our modest store here.  Go ahead and pick something out, wear it to your next race, and see who you get to meet.  Don’t see what you’re looking for? Let us know, and we will do our best to get you what YOU want.

In addition, 10% of store purchases go to charity.  We’ll select a different charity monthly and we welcome input of your favorite charity.

Happy Racing, OCR Fam!


Eddie & Bethany
Co-Founders (aka Husband & Wife).


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