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Published: May 12, 2021

Many of you have read why we started an online OCR Community, but we want to expand upon that and talk about why we offer such inexpensive (but high quality!) downloadable training programs.

Maybe you have wondered why we offer world class strength and conditioning programming and running programs for well below the market norm? Perhaps you thought it was too good to be true?

We get that.  But, here’s the thing: it’s not. And there’s really no fine print here.

Here’s our why, and the answer is very simple…… We want to see you out at the races!!!  We don’t want money to be a barrier to your training. Your success is our passion, and most importantly, we love to see community members like YOU able to go out and crush the course!! 


Have you ever wanted to train like an elite… but you don’t have sponsors, race winnings, and an unlimited budget to throw at training for something that (for most of us) is a hobby?  Yet, you still desire to train and perform better at races?  We know.  We felt that way, too. 

Elite-level training shouldn’t be accessible only to those that have a deep wallet.  We believe if you perform better at races, you’ll love the sport even more. You’ll also continue to participate and be a valued member of the community. That you’ll be able to show up on race day confident you can perform your best and not anxious that you’re going to have to do 180 burpees or lose your band right away.

Maybe you want to go from the open category to competitive, but realize that doing a couple of runs and working out whatever you feel like isn’t working because you lack a strategic plan to take you from where you are to where you want to be?


To perform better, you often need help from professionals.  That’s where we come in.  

Our strength training programs are written by a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist who specifically works with athletes every single day to better their athletic performance.  His educational knowledge, expertise, and experience pair up immensely well with his passion for taking people to their next level.

Here’s where many people misunderstand training for OCR.  To do well, you need someone guiding you who understands athletic performance.  It takes more than just throwing random workouts together to see consistent results. You’d probably laugh if Usain Bolt ever tried to win the Olympics based on a bunch of workouts posted online. Seems silly, right?  He’d never do that, because his coaches provided him with training programs that took into account his overall goals and training seasons so his performance would peak at the right times.

Cardio, Flexibility and Strength sessions are the pillars in the strength training programs we offer.  We believe in a fluid schedule that can work with your chaotic life.  Each downloadable training program provides you with a suggested training schedule to follow — use it as it’s written or as a guideline to fit the program into your hectic daily schedule. (We can help!)  

The training schedule is written to maximize recovery, and to become faster and stronger.  We broke the cardio, lift, and flex sessions up into their own workouts to provide athletes a better understanding of the body and an understanding of what needs to be done in order to maximize potential and take into account time management.  Depending upon how your day goes, you may have to break these up on the schedule if a particular day calls for one or more of the sessions. (For example, cardio in the morning and then a lift at night if you’re crunched for time in the morning as opposed to all at once).  

Our programming comes a-la-carte or all-in-one (Cardio, Strength, Flex). We also provide a discount if you’d like to purchase an all-in-one plus a custom running program. Our training blocks are separated out by the Pre-season, In-season, Post-season and Off-season programs. (Not sure what the difference is? Click here for our OCR Seasons & Training cheat sheet. We also have a more in-depth article here.)

Our flexibility program is generally included in every downloadable training program because we believe this is one of, if not the most, important parts in an athlete’s training program.   If you have other things you like to do throughout the week (say a fitness class, a bike ride, recreation sport or the likes) we can show you how to continue to do those but at the same time incorporate a real athletic training program into your life to level up your fitness.  

When it comes down to it, we’re incredibly passionate about these programs and making a lifestyle impact on a community that has given us much.  We have first-hand experience of the benefits of an actual athletic seasonal training program.  The build, peak, and breakdown of an entire season to make you perform at your best when you want.  


For example, personally my postseason is in the middle of summer (July-August; because, well… Phoenix, AZ summer heat).  This does not mean I am not fit enough to compete, because I am. I just don’t expect to bust out any PRs during this time.  At this point, the focus is to rehab my body after a season of crushing courses.       

This is the beauty of our downloadable training programs.  You build your season as you like and are equipped with proper periodized training programs.  Build, Peak, Rehab. This is how a professional athlete plans and prepares each and every year.  And, this is sincerely what we want you to have without a subscription and breaking the bank. 

Ready? You can take our free fitness protocol test here to get started. 

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